Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do I need to do in order to go on the ambulance?

In order to work on a Provincial/Metro Ambulance you need to be over 18 years of age and have completed your Basic Ambulance Assistance (BAA) level 5 course.

You sign up as a member of False Bay Volunteer EMS. We will register you with Metro and you will work as a 3rd person until you meet the criteria to work as a 2nd.

You can do your BAA course at Ambutech (021) 551-2349 in Milnerton or at St. Johns (021) 461-8420 in Woodstock.

The course can be done 5 weeks full time or over 3 months part time.

For contact details and advice on training please call our staff co-ordinator on 073 535 2167.

2. What about doing First Aid Courses before I do the level 5 course?

It is advisable to do First Aid training before one goes onto the level 5 (BAA) course.

You can do First Aid Levels 1 to 3 and various CPR and pediatrics courses through Emergency Medical Training (E.M.T) in Westlake. Phone Rob de Wet on 021 701 6901 or 082 952 9493.

3. What other qualifications can I get?

Basic Ambulance Assistant (BAA) level 5 is your Basic Life Support (BLS) qualification.

Ambulance Emergency Assistant (AEA) level 6 is Intermediate Life Support (ILS). In order to do your AEA you must have completed 1000 hours of work as a BAA and passed the AEA entrance exam. This can be done three months full time or seven months part time.

Critical Care Assistant (CCA) level 7 is the Advanced Life Support (ALS) practitioner. This is a twelve month full time course.

Flight Medical Assistant (FMA) enables you to work on various medical helicopters or fixed wing aircraft.

National diploma in Emergency Medical Care. (Ndip EMC). A 3 year diploma course at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) at Tygerberg Hospital which gives you ALS level with rescue modules.

4. Do I get to drive the ambulance?

You must have a code 10 license, PDP and provincial authority to drive the metro ambulance or a code 8 license and PDP to drive our FB ambulance.

Once you have done 100 calls as a 2nd person and are able to take charge of an ambulance you will be reviewed for promotion up to a 1st person.

5. In what areas do you work?

Based at False Bay Hospital we cover to Cape Point, Scarborough, Noordhoek, Ocean View, Masiphumelele informal settlement (site 5), top of Chapman’s Peak, and to Muizenberg traffic intersection at Atlantic Road, top of Ou Kaapse weg. If our area is quiet you will often find us in other areas helping where necessary.

6. Who covers the equipment costs?

The Provincial Administration of the Western Cape covers the cost of consumables used on Provincial patients. The Volunteer Organisation covers the running costs of the vehicle, maintenance, petrol etc…

The volunteer must pay for personal items they wish to carry and their own personal jump bags if they wish to carry their own equipment.

7. Is there any remuneration?

No. Any money received by False Bay Volunteer EMS for doing stand by events or donations from the community belong to the organization and are used for improvements to the base, to cover any running costs and purchasing and maintaining our equipment.

8. How do I join?

Come to one of our monthly meetings held on the second Tuesday of every month @ 19h30 at our base at the top entrance of False Bay Hospital, 17 Avenue Fish Hoek. Fill Out an application and indemnity form and you are ready.

You can also make enquiries on 073 5352167 or email